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Tony Wroten Displays Character Flaws Amidst Scandal

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It’s already been a very tough offseason for Husky basketball fans. First we were surprised with the news that the indisputable leader of our team in Isaiah Thomas was leaving school for the NBA. Then we had to watch as the Huskies continued to lose out coveted big man recruits like God’s Gift Achiuwa and Wally Judge.

Today, it got even worse as the Seattle Times’ Mason Kelly reported that Tony Wroten Jr., the Huskies’ most heralded incoming recruit, was essentially taking bogus classes at Garfield HS in order to become eligible at Washington.

Kelly’s article contains an almost cartoonish back and forth between Garfield’s athletic director and the school’s principal, so it’s hard to tell who exactly is at fault for allowing the bogus classes to take place. And the article seems to suggest there won’t be any issue with Wroten still being able to enroll at UW in the fall.

What concerns me, though, is that this will only continue to bring up questions about Wroten’s character. I know people will say this kid is only still a teenager, but I and many others have serious qualms about the way he carries himself.


This is a kid who boasted for months before his press conference to announce his college decision about how much of a spectacle it would be. Then, at the conference, Wroten showed up wearing all cardinal-red in order to mislead Louisville fans who were watching a live stream online. Reminds you of the kind of shit Terrence Jones would pull, right?

More disappointingly, Wroten tweeted this statement* after Kelly’s article was published this morning:

“Lol this guy @masonkelley be lying. Lol we r retarded now? Lol yea ok. I guarantee it wouldn’t even b a story if MY name wasn’t in it. Lol Its koo though cause u will NEVER get another interview with me. Never again. Now retweet that. Lol.”

Quick aside: this is an egregiously bad usage of the “lol” acronym. Just because you write lol doesn’t give you free reign to talk shit about someone. If you’re going to trash a reporter whose poor job it is to constantly inflate the egos of high school athletes by writing about them in the Times, just come right out and say it without throwing in these condescending acronyms. I mean, at the very least throw in a “smh” or two…

Anyways, that tweet is pathetic and should be disappointing for any Husky fan to read. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited to see Wroten play for the Huskies and wholly believe he could be a top notch player, but it gets harder and harder to be a true fan of his.

Let’s just hope Coach Romar, who exudes class and respectability, will work to fix some of the character issues clearly displayed by Wroten. Otherwise, he may be a player fans love when he’s on the court, but are embarrassed by when quoted in the papers.

Note: Wroten has deleted this tweet from his stream, but because it went over the character limit it lives on at

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