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Washington Huskies NCAA Tournament Preview- Rd. 1

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My god, what a difference a week makes.  Hard to believe that only seven days ago the huskies were almost a bubble team coming off the loss to USC, and just finding out that Venoy Overton had been suspended for the entire Pac 10 Tournament.

On Saturday the Dawgs played in one of the best college basketball games I’ve ever seen, and surely a win that will go down as one of the all-time greats in Washington Huskies basketball history.

Show of hands, who else shat their pants when Isaiah Thomas’ last second shot hit the bottom of the net?  While Gus Johnson’s call was amazing, I’ve always had a serious man crush on Bob Rondeau, and the fatigue in his voice at the end of this marathon game adds the perfect touch to his masterful call.

Anyways, Seattle sports fans will remember Isaiah Thomas  for his gutsy performance across the entire Pac-10 Tournament for years to come.  And rightfully so- the dude had 59 pts, 30 assists, and 10 rebounds over a three game span!  Thanks to I.T, I’m now seriously considering revising the top 5 Seattle sports bros list.

It’s hard to overstate how significant that late comeback was against the Arizona Wildcats.  With a loss in that game, the Huskies would have received an 8 or 9 seed, meaning a much more difficult first round game and of course a matchup against a 1 seed in the second round.  Although the 7 seed sends us all the way to Charlotte with a potential second round game against UNC, the Huskies would rather have that than facing any of the 1 seeds in this tourney.

Now it’s time for March Madness, the best time of the year for sports fans. Here’s what to expect Friday night when Washington faces the Georgia Bulldogs:

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