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The Blame Game- Worst Officiated Games in Seattle Sports History

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Let’s face it: Seattle sports teams have been on the wrong end of some absolutely horrendous calls over the years.  It seems like every time the stakes get higher, so too does the ineptitude of the refs calling the calling the game.  There are two games that stand out in my memory worse than any others:

The Two Worst Officiated Games in Seattle Sports History

superbowl xl

Super bowl XL

This one was pure torture.  To see the Hawks make the Super Bowl and play a great game, only to have it repeatedly tarnished by the officials.  There were two bullshit calls in this game that took away 14 points from the Seahawks (offensive PI on Darrell Jackson, offensive holding on Sean Locklear), not to mention the gift of a touchdown call on Ben Roethlisberger’s scramble that gave the Steeler’s 7 when they should have had 3.  That’s an 18 point swing right there.  The Hawks lost by 11.

4 years later, head official Bill Leavy offered this statement about his performance in Super Bowl XL: “I’ll go to my grave wishing I’d been better… I know I did my best at that time, but it wasn’t good enough.”  You can say that again.

Washington Huskies Connecticut Huskies

2006 Sweet 16 VS. Connecticut

March 24, 2006.  Now there’s a date I wish I could have just blacked out and spared myself the lasting emotional trauma it caused me.  The UW basketball team faced Connecticut in the Sweet 16, and the refs blew the game in such expert fashion even Kim Kardashian had to take notes.

While the refs made countless ticky-tack calls in the game, probably the most upsetting moment was when they called three fouls on Brandon Roy in just over a minute, bringing his total up to four with 13:48 left to play.  With Roy out, Connecticut was able to chip away at the Dawgs’ 10 point lead until they forced overtime on a last second 3.  In OT, Roy finally fouled out (ending his Husky career), the refs missed an EGREGIOUS goaltend by UConn that could have kept UW in the game, and we ended up losing by 6.  I would also like to note that I just vomited on my keyboard as I typed this.

Anyways, those are the two big games that I actually believe the refs cost us the game in.  Last weekend’s NCAA tournament game against UNC, however, was not on the officials.  Don’t give me anything about the lack of a goaltend on Isaiah Thomas’ last shot (his foot was on the line), or the clock issue at the end of the game.  It was our costly turnovers and inability to score at the end of the game that cost us.


Venoy Overton’s full court drive down 1 with :15 seconds left was absolute garbage, but a sadly fitting end to his UW career.  It’s impossible to count how many times we’ve seen Venoy try to go coast-to-coast in his career, only to throw up a prayer of a layup over two defenders.  Now, I’m thankful for Venoy’s great defense over the years, but he’s always been my least favorite player with the ball in his hands, and the fact that he wouldn’t try to get the ball to our offensive threats at the end of the game was inexcusable.

Ugh… now that I’ve gotten my two cents out on that game, I can start to move on.  The Dawgs will be absolutely stacked at guard next year with Abdul Gaddy back and Tony Wroten coming in.  We’re gonna be short handed down low, but I think we’ll be able to pull off a 4-guard lineup a la 2006 Villanova with some success.  Luckily, our guards will have some height, so hopefully we won’t get killed on the boards.

One rock solid prediction: the Pac-12 is gonna be dirty next year.  Be afraid of what’s going on down in UCLA and Arizona.  WSU and USC should also be very good next year, assuming Klay Thompson and Nikola Vucevic stay at their respective schools.  This league is going to bounce back in a big way, and the Huskies are going to face much tougher opponents in league play.  It should make for a very exciting season.

Washington Huskies NCAA Tournament Preview- Rd. 1

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washington basketball


My god, what a difference a week makes.  Hard to believe that only seven days ago the huskies were almost a bubble team coming off the loss to USC, and just finding out that Venoy Overton had been suspended for the entire Pac 10 Tournament.

On Saturday the Dawgs played in one of the best college basketball games I’ve ever seen, and surely a win that will go down as one of the all-time greats in Washington Huskies basketball history.

Show of hands, who else shat their pants when Isaiah Thomas’ last second shot hit the bottom of the net?  While Gus Johnson’s call was amazing, I’ve always had a serious man crush on Bob Rondeau, and the fatigue in his voice at the end of this marathon game adds the perfect touch to his masterful call.

Anyways, Seattle sports fans will remember Isaiah Thomas  for his gutsy performance across the entire Pac-10 Tournament for years to come.  And rightfully so- the dude had 59 pts, 30 assists, and 10 rebounds over a three game span!  Thanks to I.T, I’m now seriously considering revising the top 5 Seattle sports bros list.

It’s hard to overstate how significant that late comeback was against the Arizona Wildcats.  With a loss in that game, the Huskies would have received an 8 or 9 seed, meaning a much more difficult first round game and of course a matchup against a 1 seed in the second round.  Although the 7 seed sends us all the way to Charlotte with a potential second round game against UNC, the Huskies would rather have that than facing any of the 1 seeds in this tourney.

Now it’s time for March Madness, the best time of the year for sports fans. Here’s what to expect Friday night when Washington faces the Georgia Bulldogs:

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