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Are the Seattle Mariners Legitimate Contenders?

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Can we let it sink in for a minute that I actually just got to write that headline? Here it is, June 2nd, and the Seattle Mariners are above .500, in sole possession of second place and 1.5 games out of first. George Steinbrenner must be enjoying the frozen climate down in Hell right now.

But to answer the question posed by my headline, the answer is: no, not right now. The Mariners can hang around for a while, but it’s solely due to the fact that their entire pitching staff cannot feel their faces right now they’re pitching so well.

The hitting has been, is, and will continue to be a problem. Anyone who saw yesterday’s game against the Baltimore Orioles can attest to this. When Adam Jones hit his mammoth homerun to put the O’s up one, it felt like an utterly insurmountable lead.

With Ichiro sucking and Figgins (ARGHHHHHHHHHHH) making me feel like I need to shower after I watch one of his at bats, the Mariners simply don’t have the firepower to contend realistically.

How the Mariners can contend


You have to expect the outrageous pitching stats will regress to mean a little bit. You also have to expect Ichiro and Justin Smoak to pull out of their slumps. But for now, the only way to improve this team is to call up Dustin Ackley and Mike Carp. Both of them are tearing the cover off the ball for the Rainiers right now. You make room for them by sending down Carlos Peguero and Luis Rodriguez.

The lineup would then look something like this:

RF Ichiro
SS Brendan Ryan (dudes been a BEAST of late)
1B Justin Smoak
DH Jack Cust
C Miguel Olivo
CF Franklin Guitierrez
2B Dustin Ackley
LF Mike Carp
3B Chone Figgins (it makes me want to vomit that I’m slating a third-baseman for the nine hole)

No, this lineup won’t be a juggernaut. Carp has already been unproductive at the major league level, and Ackley will have to go through an adjustment period when he hits the big leagues. But there is no doubt in my mind that this is our best possible lineup for actually getting some offense going.

I was absolutely shocked to wake up this morning and see that neither Ackley nor Carp had been called up yet. I love me some Jack Zduriencik, but the current lineup is going to force the M’s out of contention very fast.

What are we waiting for?

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