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Dawgs Rediscover their Swagger

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isaiah thomas

Isaiah Thomas drivin' (note Faisal Aden sitting down in background)

Damn.  That was probably the best game in Seattle sports this year.  The UW Huskies played like we haven’t seen in weeks, and Washington State did what we all expect them to do: Coug it.

With that win, the Huskies eliminated any lingering doubt about their NCAA tournament credentials.  We’re definitely in, now it’s just a matter of seeding.

I wrote a couple days ago about the Huskies NCAA tournament seeding predicament, and how losing in the Pac 10 tournament might actually help their chances of avoiding a dreaded 8 or 9 seed.  Unfortunately, that appears to still be the case.

By looking around at updated bracketology, the Huskies still seem to be slotted at a 9 seed on average.  It’s anyone’s guess as to where we’d end up with another win or loss tonight, but I realized that’s no longer important.  It was much more crucial to get the win last night and get back to their up-tempo style of play.

A win tonight will put them in the championship game, and who knows, maybe we can steal a 7 seed if we win the whole Pac 10 tournament.  For now, Oregon presents a big challenge for UW as they looked dominant last night in their romp over Lucifer Nelson and UCLA.

Other observations:
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Bring Your Barf Bags: Previewing UW’s Pac 10 Tournament Situation

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Lorenzo Romar

Even Lorenzo is dry heaving over this season

Watching the Huskies this season has been a kind of torture that Seattle sports fans are all too familiar with.  Expectations of greatness at the beginning, followed by a seemingly endless barrage of head-scratching losses, costly injuries, and off-the-court issues.   2010 Mariners, anyone?

This article, titled “More Final Four Talk Following a Blowout UW Win” Percy Allen’s blog, now stands as a sick joke in our rear view mirror.  My, how the mighty have fallen.

Heading into tomorrow night’s game with WSU, the Huskies’ confidence is at a season low at the worst possible time.  With Venoy Overton suspended, Isaiah Thomas is essentially going to have to play all 40 minutes while carrying the team if we want to win.  That’s an unbelievably tall order, but I don’t think it would shock anyone if he pulls it off.  On the flip side, it wouldn’t shock anyone if we lost by 20, either.

And that right there is this team in a nutshell.  Some nights this team looks like a NIT also-ran, while on others visions of an Elite 8 run flash before our very eyes.

UW Tournament Chances

So what’s on the line tomorrow?  Every bracketology website I study has UW making the tournament, most usually as an 8-10 seed.  This is where UW is in an excruciating catch-22.  If we get an 8 or 9 seed, which is most likely the case if we beat WSU, we would be forced to play a 1 seed in the second round of the NCAA tournament.

However, if we lose to WSU, we’ll be relegated to “bubble” status, and receive probably a 10 or 11 seed and a more favorable second round matchup.  But that’s only IF we make the tournament.  A loss to WSU and a few wins by bubble teams could actually push UW out of the tournament.

I of course would love to see UW win the Pac-10 tourney, but unless we win the whole thing, losing to WSU could either put us in our best possible situation, or knock us out entirely. Obviously, this is a total clusterfuck and it could be a very long wait on Selection Sunday for Husky fans.

The Top 5 Seattle Sports Bros of All Time

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We have to admit it: Seattle has lacked championships.  It’s an undeniable fact the curse of being a Seattle sports fan is that you must watch all your worst enemies win multiple titles before we win another one.  It’s why the Yankees and Red Sox always compete for the World Series.  It’s why the Ducks went to the BCS championship game this year.  And it’s why Ben Roethlisberger has won two Super Bowls, survived a reckless motorcycle accident, and been acquitted of two sexual assaults.

But what we’ve lacked in championships, we’ve made up for with a veritable bounty of stone cold bros playing for our teams.  Take a look at all these iconic bros and try to tell me Seattle isn’t ranked no. 1 for sports bro production (broduction).

5. The Boz

brian bosworth

Seattle Seahawks LB Brian Bosworth had everything.  A rocking haircut.  Outrageous movie deals. A medicine cabinet flush with steroids.

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