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Jake Locker Documentary Three for the Show is Downright Amazing

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For those of you who didn’t catch ESPN’s under-publicized premier of the 3-part Jake Locker documentary Three for the Show, you’re in for a real treat. The first episode provides an exhilarating behind-the-scenes look at Locker’s senior season, culminating in the Holiday Bowl victory.

While I didn’t think it would be possible for Washington football fans to become any more in awe of Jake Locker, Three for the Show truly took it to a whole ‘nother level. A definite highlight was Locker’s pump-up speech to his team before the Holiday Bowl, which was so effective it inspired me to leap up from my sofa and run through a brick wall unscathed.

It’s also borderline comical to compare Locker with Cam Newton, one of Jake’s biographical counterparts on the show. Newton comes off as literally one of the biggest douchebags of all time. He refers to himself in the third person at least 15 times in the first show, and every time he talks he takes the opportunity to brag about his accomplishments. Newton’s emotional maturity seems to be that of a 7 year old boy, and from the show I now feel bad for any fan base that has to watch their team draft this kid. You’re on the clock, Carolina!

Anyways, the show continues next week and provides another opportunity for Husky fans to grow their reverence for Locker while simultaneously pointing and laughing at Newton’s immaturity.


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