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Husky Basketball Offseason Preview

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Klay Thompsen is roughly half as talented as Terrence Ross... that isn't even a joke.

After this past weekend, I can’t even think about the Mariners.  I mean, I knew the M’s weren’t gonna be competitive this year, but our offense is just downright excruciating to watch.

Thus, let’s talk some Husky basketball and preview the offseason and the team’s outlook for 2012



I always thought God's gift to humanity would be peace on earth, but apparently it's a dude with thunderous dunking skills

By all indications, it sounds like Romar is still burning up the recruiting trail trying to find an extra big man for next year.  The two most promising recruits are 6’9″ God’s Gift Achuwia (yes, that’s actually his name), and 6’10” Richard Peters.
By what I’ve read and seen, God’s Gift is the more talented player, and he also seems more highly sought after as even goddamn Kentucky is barking up his tree.  His hometown is all the way out in upstate New York, so if geography indicates anything Washington may be a tough sell for this divine power forward.

Richard Peters has outwardly expressed a strong desire to join the husky basketball team, but he already backed out of a verbal commitment to play for Oklahoma.  He seems to be lacking some polish, but if you’re like me you’d be ecstatic to see any player over 6’7″ join our team.

Anyways, landing either of these big men would be fantastic, as it would take a ton of pressure off Aziz N’Daiye who just doesn’t look ready to be the team’s only low post presence.


2012 Outlook

Unfortunately, it  sounds like Isaiah Thomas is actually leaving for the NBA.  While I won’t truly believe it until he signs with an agent, if he leaves it creates for a very interesting situation in the Husky backcourt.  It could mean that Hikeem Stewart will actually play this year and not redshirt, which is an idea I’m not that wild about.  As it stands now, I envision the starting lineup next year to be:

  • Abdul Gaddy- Jr.
  • C.J. Wilcox- So.
  • Terrence Ross- So.
  • Darnell Gant –Sr.
  • Aziz N’Diaye- Jr.

On the bench you would have Wroten, Scott Suggs, Desmond Simmons, Stewart, and possibly Jernard Jerreau (although I think chances are he redshirts along with Andrew Andrews).

I think that lineup could do some damage, although you can see we really lack depth down low.  My gut feeling is that Wroten will have a good year but won’t be looking to go pro until he’s done with his sophomore season.

However, don’t get comfortable with the sight of Terrence Ross in Husky purple.  Mark my words:  Terrence Ross will lead the Dawgs and make the All Pac-12 first team before leaving for the draft after next year.  I also guarantee he’ll be a lottery pick in the 2012 NBA draft.

In all, the Huskies will have lowered expectations for next year, and I think that’s a good thing.  TO be honest, I’m sick of Seattle sports teams having high expectations and then falling short of them.  I’d much rather see a team sneak up on us, and this team certainly has the potential to do that.  The one thing that’s certain is the Pac 10 (er…  12) will be much improved next year and highly competitive.  It should be a very fun season to watch.

The bad news is we have to slog through another M’s season before any of that happens.


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Guess Cleveland didn’t learn anything from LeBron’s waiting until the last minute “surprise” now, did they?

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