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If you’re looking for informative, unbiased info on the Seattle sports world, look elsewhere.  This site provides 100% drunk off the Seattle flavored kool-aid commentary on all the important teams and sports stories.  Consider this your place of refuge from the endless barrage of East-coast bias and Skip Bayless nonsense ESPN throws at us every day.

We’ll do our best to put our teams before anyone else, but we’ll also call it out when their shit stinks.  You’ll find great highlight videos, regular top 10 lists, and gut reactions to all Seattle sports issues.   Any opportunity we have to bash on John Calipari will be pursued to the utmost degree.

We love the M’s, Seahawks, and Huskies.  If you ever see a word written on this site in support of the Yankees, Red Sox, Oregon Ducks, or Kentucky basketball team, we’ll resign our blog so fast Mike Hargrove would call for pointers.

We hope you enjoy our site, and if you ever have any comments or post suggestions, feel free to email us at seattlesportsbro [at]  And don’t forget our twitter account @seattlesportbro.

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